Danner Caliper

Comfort that works overtime.
 Let us introduce you to one of the latest shoes in our lineup. The Danner Caliper (Aluminum Toe) work boot. 
This boot is an amazing lightwieght work boot. The full grain upper is durable and soft enough to make the Caliper comfortable right out of the box. Danner puts their leather through six different tests before they make their selection for the boots.
This boot is 100% waterproof thanks to the Danner Dry® waterproof membrane added to the boot. With this you can tackle any work environment and not worry about wet, uncomfortable feet. 
The Caliper features an aluminum toe that meets all the ASTM safety toe standards and a fiberglass shank for support. This boot truly is one for all work environments. 
The Danner Caliper has four layers of underfoot cushioning for maximum cushioning. It features the Danner Dual Layer Comfort footbed that is made with memory foam and polyurethane for ultimate, long-lasting comfort. It also has a Memory Foam Strobel Sock as a finish on the bottom of the boot. It's made from memory foam for extra comfort and cushioning.
The Caliper has the Danner Caliper outsole that is made of an oil- and slip-resistant rubber with phenomenal traction and a 90° heel to meet many contractors requirements, at least in our experience.
This boot fits pretty true to size so you don't have to worry about sizing up or down to make this boot work for you. With it's soft comfortable leather upper and four layers of cushioning, you shouldn't have any trouble breaking this boot in. 
Stop by today and try a pair on. We wouldn't be surprised if you couldn't leave without a pair.

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