Meet the HanWag Makra Combi GTX.


Bring on the fun times! This boot from HanWag is incredibly lightweight. It comes in at 2.75 lbs for a single pair, or roughly 1.3 lbs per boots. It's hard to get much lighter than that. It's almost like you're not wearing shoes. But we promise, you'll be able to tackle just about any terrain with the amazing boot.


This boot thrives in diverse and challenging terrains. It'll take almost everything you can throw at it and will stop at (almost) nothing. Use it for your basic hunt or hike, a glacier crossing, rock routes or ferratas. This boot can take it all. 


The Makra Combi has a weight-optimized sole with an aggressive tread pattern which gives you amazing grip and traction. This boot uses the Vibram® Pepe outsole. Here are a few specs on this sole.

  • Highly technical and innovative sole with honeycomb structure for a significant loss of weight. (i.e. It's a unique sole designed by Vibram® for HanWag that cuts down on a lot of weight.)
  • High Friction Rubber (pretty self explanatory)
  • Climbing zone at tip. (This boot is designed for all kinds of terrains, including rock climbing so the sole has to reflect that.)
  • Self-cleaning tread.  (The tread pattern of this sole is wide enough and spread out enough that it basically cleans itself as you walk)

HanWag Makra Combi Sole


The upper is made of high-quality suede leather and Cordura® upper, as well as a GORE-TEX liner. All this adds up to a boot that will be able to handle most anything you can throw at it and keep your feet dry while doing so. We've found that boots with a leather/Cordura® mixed upper tend to be a little more breathable that a typical full leather style is. So if you want a boot that will be tough and can handle any terrain but that won't make your feet sweat like crazy, this is the ticket. 

HanWag Makra Combi Upper



As far as the fit goes, we've found that it fits a little on the narrow side. That's ok though, because most people have to go up a half size, or even a full size, for the proper fit. Must be that sleeker European design. 


Stop by and try a pair on today!