Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair

In addition to our wide variety of boots, we also offer in-store repair*.


    Stitching: Starting at $5 
    Have some stitching coming apart on your favorite pair of shoes? We can do minor stitching on most shoes styles.

    Gluing: Starting at $5
    Need the rand re-glued on your hunting boots? We can do that for you.

    Eyelet Repair: Starting at $5
    Lose an eyelet? We can replace it for you.

    Tuff Toe: Starting at $25
    Do you wear through the toes of your shoes quickly? Tuff toe can help you extend the life of your shoes.

    Boot Dye: Starting at $30
    Found some great boots for your job but they aren't the color you need? We offer a boot dye service. (Navy, Brown, and Black are the only available colors.)

    Stretching: Starting at $5
    Shoes still a little tight after breaking them in? Bring them in for a stretch.

    We are unable to perform resoles on shoes at our store. We can send them to outside repairmen. Generally resoles start at $105. 

    Don't see your particular problem listed above? Bring the shoes in to our store and any of our Fit Specialists can help determine if we can fix it.

    *All repairs are subject to approval from a Footwear Outfitters repairman.