Meet the Keen Targhee II!


This boot has been a staple of Keen for years. It's their most popular hiking boot and comes in a mid cut boot and a low cut shoe.


This boot has a great comfortable fit, with Keen's typical wide toe box. It's flexible enough to give you great mobility on the trail, with enough support to keep you from twisting an ankle. This boot is waterproof while also letting your feet breath. Offering all-day comfort, you'll be ready to tackle the trail.


The uppers of this boot are a combination of leather and mesh, which helps make this boot breathable while still offering good protection from from rocks, sticks and other detritus on the trail.


The sole has great tread for providing grip on those mountain trails. It is soft enough to also offer good grip on wet surfaces.


It fits true to size, but those who have a narrower fit may need to play with insoles to take up a little space in order to get the right fit. 


The price of the Targhee II has risen over the years, but it's still a great priced light to medium hiking boot. It's been featured on a number of lists throughout the years for being one the best hiking boots around (and for a non-European built boot, we would agree).