What makes us THE BEST!

We at Footwear Outfitters take great pride in 5 basic principles: Quality, Craftsmanship, Durability, Comfort, & Great Customer Service at the highest level. In a time where full-service is hard to find, we want you to have the right footwear for your job & we offer a range of services to keep you and your footwear satisfied long after the initial sale. 

FREE OILING & CONDITIONING: The best way to protect your boots is to keep your boots oiled. We recommend a monthly minimum or whenever the leather looks dry, whichever comes first. Stop by our store or visit our SHOEMOBILE and we’ll oil your boots for free anytime, no appointment necessary. (Not available for mail order customers).

FREE LACES: Even though boot laces are tested to last for thousands of repetitions, we know eventually they’ll need to be replaced and we’ll replace them for free (mail order customers are responsible for shipping costs).

SHOE REPAIR: Even high end quality boots eventually need a little care and attention. From minor hardware repairs to re-soling, we can perform or make a great recommendation for one who can perform the necessary repairs that will make your boots last even longer (mail order customers are responsible for shipping costs).

INSOLES/FOOTBEDS: Quality footwear typically lasts a very long time, however the insoles can start to de-grade. You’ll start to notice a little loss of comfort. We can replace your insoles and instantly restore your underfoot comfort for not much out of pocket. We have lots of other custom insoles.

CUSTOMIZATION/ MISMATES: We have the ability to make special shoes to fit your unique needs. One foot bigger than the other? Our mis-mate and/or custom fit program can provide you with the shoes you need.

SPECIAL ORDERS: Within our many brands, we offer over 1000 styles of footwear, so we can’t possibly stock them all. However, if there is a style you’d like to try, we can order it for you AT NO OBLIGATION and call you when it arrives.

INDUSTRIAL DISCOUNTS & PERKS : We work with many local businesses & cater to various shoe programs. We offer and Industrial B2B Portal and can even come to you with our SHOEMOBILE.  For more info: "Perfect Tool" Industrial Accounts.

FITTING, CARE & SAFETY PRESENTATIONS: Do your feet hurt? As Certified Shoe Fit Specialists, we can do a seminar at your facility during a staff/ safety meeting (southeast Idaho only). We teach how to fit arch length, proper use of insoles, & more. The presentation lasts about 15-20 minutes. When shoes fit properly, comfort level increases & shoes last longer! More info...


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