We truly pride ourselves in selling high quality products and offering high levels of service to take care of them after the initial sale because:

"There is scarcely anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little more cheaply. The person who buys on price alone is this man's lawful prey" -John Ruskin



Option 1: Blanket percentage discount pricing

Option 2: Custom discounts: Discount is based on a percentage discount, with added flexibility to bring price down more than preset percentage on select styles to stay under a company subsidy limit. Naturally this means that a select few shoes will be discounted slightly less than preset percentage to offset. 

IN ADDITION TO DISCOUNTS that save you money up front, we save you money after the purchase. We include the following in store w/ every purchase (+$30 VALUE) :

Oiling/Conditioning, Stitching/Eyelet Repair & laces as needed at NO EXTRA COST (Tuff Toe = 1/2 price) 

* If not able to visit local store, ask us about options for in plant services for both oiling and Tuff Toe

 *Get more life out of your boots by purchasing 2 pair instead of 1 and rotate them every other day. Studies show that if you buy 1 pair and get 1 year worth of life, a second pair lasts another year. If you buy 2 pair at once and rotate them you will see 3 years of life because the boots can properly rest and dry out (average adult sweats 8 oz. per day in their shoes) 

1. General Business Account – Employees pay us directly and are able to participate in our volume discount program

2. Premium Business Account - Designed for A/R and P-card Programs. Partner. Perks are greater for premium accounts: We offer "safety incentive" gift cards, tax exemption if applicable, immediate family member discounts, safety presentations & more.


We cater to many different payment options and programs. Our computer software can accommodate to various payment programs (Company Subsidy/ Contribution, Payroll deduction, P- Card, etc.)


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We put the "FIT" in Footwear Outfitters & encourage you to “Get a Grip, Get Out...fitted & Take a Hike!” ™