Industrial Accounts Overview


Growing up my father had some great sayings. Even though I can’t repeat all of them, one comes to my mind quite often and is right on the money: “Every Job Has The Perfect Tool.”

With over 25 years of experience, we have the “Perfect Tools” to accommodate your company needs!

It can be a great challenge to run and manage a footwear program. Not only do we sell top notch quality footwear, but we do much, much more. Let us help you out by tailoring a shoe program that will fit the needs of your company and your employees. Preventing slips and falls, protecting ankles, feet and knees of employees from accidents with good industrial footwear cuts lost work days due to injuries, improves productivity and heightens morale. Footwear Outfitters is staffed with a well-trained sales team that can work closely with an employer to fit workers for shoes designed for their work environments. Our store can provide a variety of shoes and develop a footwear program for you. Adding SHOEMOBILES that compliment our Brick & Mortar store over 18 years ago made us pretty unique. 



A good footwear program truly can save you quite a bit of money and prevent many headaches. Over the years we have been been able to develop many good relationships with safety directors from various companies. We have gained great knowledge about costs related to jobsite injuries. One recent conversation shed some light about a “PREVENTABLE” injury that cost the particular company over $20,000 in medical bills, not to mention the trauma this particular person went through and will continue to deal with for the rest of their life. Preventing one injury can pay for an entire shoe program and having a company who offers Volume discounts helps too.


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We put the "FIT" in Footwear Outfitters & encourage you to “Get a Grip, Get Out...fitted & Take a Hike!” ™